“Becky is AMAZING.  She clearly has lots of experience with children and genuinely enjoys working with children.  She is patient, knows when to change activities and how to get students involved in all activities. She is WONDERFUL!!!! … a DREAM to work with.  She easily took our ideas and went above and beyond.  Children were on task, engaged and entertained …  She is one of the BEST artists that I have ever worked with….and I don’t like dance nor I do I like TO dance.”

– Larissa Prairie, Ecole Bannatyne School – TIA Program

“Even students who do not usually participate in dance, participated and loved the class.”

-Betty MacLure, Taylor Elementary School

Rebecca Sawdon’s residency was a huge success at our school!  The students not only enjoyed the interaction and the performance during the residency, they have continued to use the movements learned in their play!  This is a significant illustration of the connection and the learning that occurred … I valued her daily reflection and assessment of each session that enrolled the students in self reflection, anchoring their knowledge of the new material as well as setting expectations for the next session …

Rebecca’s program was very well organized, very energetic and very well received by our students and staff. I was appreciative of her professionalism and her adaptability. She engaged all students and everyone reported that the experience was positive  

… I would highly recommend Rebecca to any school – her enthusiasm and energy coupled with a warm and welcoming smile established a safe and caring environment for our students – and they bought in!”

– Rex Ferguson-Baird, Principal of Brooklands School

Sawdon did an incredible job … she encouraged students to get out of their comfort zones and to also recognize the importance of performing with intense emotions and passion.  Sawdon gave the students an opportunity to engage and collaborate in a create process where they choreographed their own contemporary pieces, which made for a very meaningful experience.  It was an absolute pleasure having Sawdon in my classroom, because it is highly evident that she pours her heart into everything she does …    I highly encourage Sawdon to continue on with her undeniable passion for dance and working with youth. She has left quite an impact on my students, along with myself, and we cannot thank her enough for the time and dedication…”

– Diana Bernardo, Garden City Collegiate

” I was so impressed with the level of dance that the students attained in only one week. There was such a sense of urgency and cooperation to learn the dance – Becky was amazing- she had high expectations, was encouraging, and taught the students in logical chunks.  The students adored her. Becky had excellent class management skills and worked so positively with all students no matter what grade or ability.  Our whole school enjoyed the wonderful dance celebration at the end of the residency.”

– Dawn Torbiak, Polson School

” [Our students] LOVED it! They did not want it to end! She did a wonderful job engaging with them, being consistent with them, and encouraging them! … As  teachers,  we also loved the experience and it was great for students to learn in a new way and to be active and all engaged! Keep up the awesome work Becky!!”

– Grade 3 team- Mme Janes, Mme Boychuck, Mme Smith and Mme Campbell,
Robert Browning School – TIA Program

… Loved when Rebecca set criteria for how classes would run. Criteria was established with children.  They has a firm understanding of expectations. The activities and language used were very age appropriate. The pace of workshop very engaging and motivating. Well done!”

– Nancy Morden, Taylor Elementary School

“The students were creatively engaged and enthusiastically involved through dance, music and pictures. The instructor had a genuine love for dance which she passed on to the students.  The dance was age appropriate and very much enjoyed by all. Students were eager to try new steps and the instructor was very patient with their learning. I would highly recommend this artist to other schools. She and her expertise in dance was enjoyed by all staff and students.”

– Susan Gawalko, Polson School