AIS ASOD – Polson School – Susan Gawalko


Manitoba Arts Council – Artist in the Schools Residency – Evaluation Form for Teachers:
Rebecca’s work for the Aboriginal School of Dance
From: Susan Gawalko of Polson School
Date: May 12 2015
Grade: 2

Rate the following on a scale of 1 to 5: (1)poor (2) fair (3) good (4) very good (5) excellent

Were students creatively engaged and enthusiastically involved in project? 5
Were the activities age appropriate? 5
Did the artist communicate effectively with students and staff? 5
Would you recommend this artist to another school? 5


The students were creatively engaged and enthusiastically involved through dance, music and pictures. The instructor had a genuine love for dance which she passed on to the students. The dance was age appropriate and very much enjoyed by all. Students were eager to try new steps and the instructor was very patient with their learning. I would highly recommend this artist to other schools. She and her expertise in dance was enjoyed by all staff and students.

Challenges and suggestions:

Some student comments:
It was awesome.
It was lots of fun.
It was interesting.
I thought it was marvelous.
I loved learning how to dance!!!